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The experts at Steve Bennett Plumbing have over 40 years of experience behind them and they are constantly keeping their knowledge up to date with the latest technology in plumbing and home heating systems. You will always get the highest quality service, on time – every time.

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We needed a quote for the installation of a laundry basin and a commercial double sink bench. The team arrived when they said they would and the quote was competitive.  Everything went well and the team was friendly, professional and cleaned up after themselves.

J. Florence

What a nice change to deal with professionals! From booking to job completion we received high quality service. Brendan was punctual, pleasant, efficient, clean and did a great job! Would definitely use again and highly recommend this company.

A. Booth

Brendan & his team did a great job renovating our bathroom. The tiling was done perfectly, and all the plumbing and installation were done well. Gail responded promptly to any queries we had. The bathroom looks a million dollars. Thanks guys!

J. Li

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We know there is a chance you are visiting our website because you have a plumbing issue — and we appreciate how stressful that can be. Whether you have got a burst or broken pipe, a problem with your toilet or drain, or you have an issue with your commercial system; we can help you!

Rain, Hail or Shine, Day or Night, Big Or Small. Look to Steve Bennett Plumbing to save the day.

We have all hands on deck at Steve Bennet Plumbing to resolve your plumbing issue as soon as possible. As a family-owned business, we know how integral plumbing is to ensure a smooth-running home. Our knowledgeable, friendly plumbing technicians assess your issue, walk you through the process, address any concerns you might have, and fix your plumbing problem for you!

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We are apart of the same community as the customers and businesses we service. Every job and project is treated as though it was our sink or drain. No job too big, or too small.

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With a team that has over 100 years of collective experience and a passion for the industry to match, you can be sure that your family home or business are in good hands.

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Rain, hail or shine. Day or night. We’ve got you. Steve Bennett Plumbing has 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services that can handle anything you can throw at us.

Got Questions? We Have Answers!


Here are a number of  frequently asked questions and plumbing tips that plumbers get asked all the time. Some plumbing issues like leaking taps and blocked showers can be fixed by following some of our handy plumbing tips.

How Much For A Quote?

We quote for free. Customer Service is our priority and we believe we provide the best plumbing services in Sydney. To back this up, we want you to be able to pick our brains and see what we can offer for FREE.

Why do my pipes make a knocking sound?

Knocking pipes are usually caused by improperly secured piping, or by air bubbles being compressed within the pipes. Neither of these are a major cause for concern. Having your pipes secured with proper fittings should stop any shaking during use. However, if the problem is due to air bubbles then a visit from your local Sydney Plumber can help to remove the problem.

Why does my drain clog?

Drains can clog due to a number of different reasons the main being debris such as oil, soap, hair and food products building up over time and creating a blockage. There are many different drain cleaners on the market that are a good first step to unblocking a drain yourself. Sometimes drains are beyond the abilities of domestic drain cleaning chemicals though, if this is the case then it’s time to call your local Sydney Plumber.

Why do my drains smell?

If you have an odour coming from your drains chances are it is because of sulphur. To be more specific hydrogen sulphide gas is caused by bacteria in the pipes. Although it is good to note that this isn’t the only reason for smelly drains it is a very common reason. In order to fix the problem, you need to disinfect the pipes.


This can be done by pouring half a cup of bleach down your drain or alternatively, you can use half a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar. Keep in mind that if you use the latter of the two there will be a mini chemical reaction that will cause foam to come back up the pipe, it is advised that you block the drain after pouring the vinegar to help force the foam through the pipe.


After either method, you should then wash warm to hot water down the drain. If this does not work then you should contact your local plumber.

What can cause low water pressure?

Other than a leak in the pipes, water pressure can be affected by valve problems, debris buildups, and other blockages. It is recommended to check with your neighbours first to see if their water pressure is low as well. If this is the case then we recommend checking NSW Water for news and updates. If your neighbours aren’t experiencing low water pressure you should get in contact with your local plumber.

How do I know if I have a leak?

Normally a leaking water pipe will cause visual flooding and high water bills. If you have a leak you can sometimes even hear water sounds from inside the walls and roof or under the floor. Another tell tale sign is if you have low water pressure. Having your home or business regularly inspected by a plumber can help to identify leaks before they become serious.